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I've started using tfs Soccer insoles both to play Indooor Soccer on my weekends, as well as to coach my teams throughout the week. The product is absolutely great. It gives the support my feet need to distribute y weight equally all around the sole of my feet. Also, I know some of my players are loving it, as they say it has been "improving their game". Many thanks to Eric and all the tfs Soccer Team!

-Tato Chiaparro

Brookside Soccer Club Director of Coaching Education & Youth Development
UMKC - Former Assistant Coach
Kaw Valley FC - Former Assistant Coach

James Togbah Review
James Togbah Review

For me, the biggest difference wearing my tfs Insoles is the level of comfort. Usually after practice I'm in a rush to take my shoes off. Not anymore. I can definitely tell that there is something supporting my joints. I have had the, since November and have worn them in 10 games and at every practice, and I still feel the same level of comfort. The regular insoles the shoes come with wear out after a couple of weeks. tfs Soccer insoles are something definitely worth investing in for all athletes in general.

-James Togbah

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