Our Story

Since 2005, our stores in Kansas City have focused on “making people better” with shoe inserts, custom arch supports and premium healthy casual, dress and athletic footwear.

As Pedorthist, we started to regularly see youth, high school, college and professional athletes who were coming to us looking for answers. They were finding little expertise in the marketplace and needed help to make their feet feel better and solutions to deal with foot problems with their sports specific footwear.

It takes 2 hours
to make tfs Soccer
insoles from beginning
to finished product.

Your game deserves
better than cheaply
made insoles
produced in 5 minutes.

Made in Germany
german made insoles

We could always accommodate them with a custom arch support for their low profile cleats or shoes, but not everyone wanted to spend hundreds of dollars, especially for kids whose feet are still growing. The over the counter arch supports on the market would work for some athletic shoes but were always too thick for cleats. Over the counter arch supports would bunched up inside the shoe and didn’t allow enough room for the foot. We also noticed that most of the over the counter arch supports were poorly made and didn’t last that long.

So we started to ask ourselves these questions about creating the highest quality sports insoles in the world. Questions like:
  • If we use the best quality materials on the planet to create our products, do they have to be super expensive?
  • What country and factory do we need to work with that has a history of making the best quality and performance technology in the marketplace?
  • How can we consistently create a product that not only helps prevent injuries, but feels amazing and makes you play better?
  • How can we partner with a manufacturer that creates value for all involved in the process? A place that has fair working conditions, fair pay and has a team that takes pride in making the best athletic insoles in the world?

Everyone at tfs understands that our goal is to make athletes better and to find answers to these questions, everyday.

We have our own kids that play sports, our friend’s kids, nieces and nephews. We know that if we create products that we will use and our kids will use and love, then there is a pretty good chance that others will love them as well.

We are proud of having a product that is the best on the market, at a price that offers tremendous value for the price you pay.

We are not just another brand. Our goal is not to endlessly expand our product lines with mediocre inserts with mediocre results.

We are not going to be everything for everyone. But, we will be the company to give you the best product on the market, with the best value money can buy. Period.

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